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     Duane Rumbaugh, a highly acclaimed primatologist, tells the story of his ground breaking research with Lana, the first chimpanzee to communicate with humans using a computer keyboard.  This richly illustrated narrative of his investigations into primate learning, cognition, intelligence and language first at the San Diego Zoo(1955) and later at the Language Research Center in Georgia is fun, highly informative, insightful and entertaining.  He describes methods of study that worked and those that didn’t.
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Advance praise for Duane Rumbaugh’s new book…

“Sixty years ago Duane Rumbaugh broke the ground on research into the mental capabilities of our closest cousins, the chimpanzees.  Working with both Pan troglodytes – known as the common chimp, and Pan paniscus, or Bonobo chimpanzees, Duane and his colleagues uncovered an amazing wealth of data that has transformed our view of our closest ‘relatives.’  His story of research, findings and work is a must read.”
-  Carole A. Travis-Henikoff, author of  Dinner with a Cannibal

“This book is a fascinating summary of the contributions to behavioral primatology made by one of the 20th century’s most productive and imaginative primatologists.  The account contains an invaluable account of the evolution of Duane Rumbaugh’s language research from simple object naming to bonobo and chimpanzee capabilities to understand spoken English including novel requests.  Dr. Rumbaugh’s pioneering contributions to comparative primate learning and a new broadly based learning theory are also described.” 

                -  James E. King, coauthor, Weiss, A., King, J. E. & L. Murray (2011), Personality and temperament in nonhuman primates.